Please contact me for prices unless the item(s) is on my Online shop.

Payment method

1. Online shopping purchase from flowerie88 shop site.

If the item(s) you like to order is not on my online shop, then please choose from following options.

2. cheque(made payable to flowerie88)

3. bank transfer

4. paypal

5. credit/debit card

Delivery (please choose from following options)

1. U.K delivery 1st class signed for £4.00

2. U.K special delivery £7.00

3. Outside U.K - please contact me for rates

Ready to order?

You can simply purchase the item from Online shop.

Or if the item(s) you like to order is not on my Online shop, then once you know the cost of your item(s), please email me with your prefered method of payment and delivery details. You will then recieve an invoice by email following your payment.


Please contact me for trade information.